Cyber Security leader, based in London, UK

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People-centric Cyber Security

I’m a people-focussed and outcome-driven security lead. Specialising in cloud security, security culture, research, people-centric design, and leading organisational transformation. A skilled presenter with a passion for continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Inquisitive
  • Lifelong Learner
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What drives me?

  • Innovation - Finding creative solutions to complex problems, fostering design thinking in planning
  • Impactful Analysis - Challenging assumptions & seeking win-win solutions, understadning & considering both potential benefits & downsides
  • Resilient Growth - Helping businesses achieve operational excellence (velocity, resilience, agility) with a strong security foundation
  • People-Centric - People are the core of success, ensuring decisions prioritise their well-being
  • Inclusion by design - I champion accessibility (“This is for everyone”) and question exclusivity
  • Building Strong Teams - I believe in the power of teamwork and creating inclusive spaces where diverse perspectives drive innovation and success
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    What people say about me

    Don’t just take my word for it - hear from some of my colleagues have said about me:

    Alex is one of those rare individuals who is technically superior in security domains, and creative in his approach. He brings design thinking to everything he does, ensuring he understands the stakeholders and outcomes he wants to achieve. He takes time to make sure that his approach to a security issue is holistic and appropriate, then executes with urgency. A team player, Alex always enabled his entire team to be more than they could have been on their own. I hope to work together with Alex again in the future.
    Helen Patton

    Helen Patton

    CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

    Alex, I so admire how you continually bring us into your team’s creative process and involve us in the success of your programs. I love watching your presentations because they set a great example for us to mix up how we story tell, thus making us better communicators. Thanks for the work you did above and beyond!
    Kerry Lanzo

    Kerry Lanzo

    Security Maturity Leader

    Alex, you are always thinking about people and behaviors, how decisions impact security behaviors. Bringing issues and concerns up promptly. You have gone up and above in working on how people can share information.
    Apoorva Phadke

    Apoorva Phadke

    Head of Security Transformation