Hey, I'm Alex Morgan!

Hey, I'm Alex Morgan!

I’ve worked in technology, and in particular SaaS for over 10 years. I saw the filme Hackers when I was 11, then having a chat with a teacher whose partner worked on a blue team, and this ignited an interest that led to a passion for security. This passion has stuck with me through a winding career. I’m driven to protect people, and through tbhis empower people to make safe choices and businesses to enhance their agility and innovation with security.

I have a passion for creativity and accessibility, I bring this mindset to security, looking for ways to enable collaboration, learning and positively influence the culture within organisations and the wider industry.

Here are a few other bits about me:

I am British, so it’s envitable that the weather will be the first thing I talk about on any chat we have. I’m a creative person and have a lot of hobbies; skateboarding, calligraphy, music, photography and more. I have 2 cats, or rather live in landlords, as they are known. I wear all black. I value transparency, consistency and empathy. I love learning. I enjoy ensuring that accessibility is a key part of decisions and discussions. I enjoy creating safety in working environments. I have a strong dislike for acronyms. I hate hearing “people are the weakest link”.

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